Syrians In Kansas City Support Prez Trump

International conflict resonates closer to home and this report finds mostly local support for a recent military strike:

Syrian immigrants in KC share their opinions about Trump's strikes on Syria

Nationally and locally, Syrian immigrants are talking about President Donald Trump's decision to take action against Syria. For Syrian immigrants in KC, it's raised a variety of questions such as: "What's next?" and "What took so long?"


  1. Yet again, the US decided to play the role of "World's Policeman", continuing to spend billions of dollars fighting others battles while sacrificing the lives of our young men. The irony is, the more we allow the world to suck us into others conflicts and expect us to fix their problems, the more they hate us for it.

  2. Well! If the local Syrians say it was OK then Tony will surely totally reverse course on his comments. I told you so.


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