Saturday, April 15, 2017


The only columnist who matters at the Kansas City Star lays the groundwork for the new campaign and the plan to pay off just about every opinion maker in town in order to ruin one of the most important local resources . . . While he admits his analogy isn't great, the reality about a MASSIVE PR CAMPAIGN is exceptionally insightful:

Steve Rose: Here's how to sell reluctant voters on a new airport

Kansas City voters' willingness to approve a sales tax for economic development on the East Side could portend well for the future of Kansas City International Airport. Apparently people can be educated and sold on the idea of caring about something besides their own narrow self-interest.


Anonymous said...

I live in KCMO. I pay taxes, lots of taxes, in KCMO. I live in an old suburb in Clay County, with aged housing, no sidewalks, no gutters, and a VERY diverse population. To say that we don't relate to the problems south of the river is insulting. We have many problems - crime, drugs, falling-down housing stock, and a ghetto high school serving our neighborhoods. We live with this every stinking day. Don't lecture us about our lack of interest.

Anonymous said...

If anyone needs to be sold on the idea of caring about something besides the own narrow self interest it is Rose and all his Chamber of Commerce buddies who have been looting this city for years.

Anonymous said...

Keep KCI, best city sirport in USA!

Anonymous said...

with a $2 billion boondoggle and $$$$ in sight, you better believe they'll have a huuuuge advertising campaign.

and it won't have been because rose suggested it.

problem is, most people like kci the way it is and don't won't an airport where you have to be in line for a long time.

Hyperblogal said...

It most always costs a lot more to do something dumb.

Anonymous said...

If it's such a great idea, it should sell itself. The more it costs to put lipstick on a pig, the uglier the pig.