Saturday, April 22, 2017

Steve Rose Seyz Johnson County, Kansas Congressman Yoder Stays Winning

We tend to agree with the only dead tree media pundit who matters but only because of a dearth of leadership and decent candidates from the Kansas Democratic Party. Take a peek:

Steve Rose: Special election result is no reason for Kevin Yoder to worry

If U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder seeks re-election, does the measly seven-point spread in the 4th District contest between Republican Ron Estes and Democrat James Thompson serve as a warning shot to the 3rd District congressman? The comparisons are absolutely ridiculous. For Yoder, there is no serious cause for concern.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Yoda clown?

We transferred here from New York City for work and feel like we've moved into hillbilly land.

Anonymous said...

^^^ City of Rednecks

The Hillbilly's live in the sticks

Anonymous said...

@7:32AM, please move back. New Yorkers for the most part are idiots. We don't want you here fucking up our city.

Anonymous said...

Hillbillies? More like toadstools who think they are truffles, especially in Yoder voter land.

Anonymous said...

Rose of the smelly predictions?

Based just on the track record, Yoder should be very worried.

Anonymous said...

Yoder has found over 500,000 reasons to be reelected in the first quarter of 2017.

Apparently, he thinks this is all he needs to win.

Townhall with voters? No show. I have 500,000 excuses not to show up.

Swamp weasel. Probably a skinny dipping variety.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself mouth-breather. ^^^^ The red necks have already fucked up this city. You should know, you're one.