Thursday, April 20, 2017

Show-Me No Cash For Missouri Roads

MODot is out of money and local streets are worse than ever . . . Here's the round-up for those that survived the morning commute intact:

Buckle up: No major funding increase for fixing Missouri's roads, bridges

Summer is approaching, a time when Missouri residents hit the road for a little rest and relaxation. It might be a rougher-than-expected journey, though, as legislators aren't making transportation projects a priority during the 2017 session.


Anonymous said...

MODOT is going to waste $70 million on I-435 between Stateline and I-49. They should be using that $70 million plus the $50 million that they were going use to repair the Broadway Bridge to build a new one.

Anonymous said...

Fucked up roads is the new normal.

Anonymous said...

Regular readers have seen my posts before. MoDOT HEMORRHAGES money on pet projects. The conversion of 71 highway to I-49 over the last several years accomplished what? An interstate designation between Joplin and 435? Dafuq you say? The road was virtually accident free as it was. There were at grade crossings but were so sparse and so little traffic as to be non existent. Now there are a bunch of overpasses with no exits, some with exits, all to serve a vehicular rate that you could probably count on one hand; built at several million a pop. How about the oh-so trendy divergent diamonds that have become the darling of the "we want to be European progressive traffic designers" at MoDOT? A 25% to 50% premium over a standard bridge for negligible improvement in Level of Service (inside baseball LOS). MoDOT needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Like most Government agencies it has more overhead and administrative costs than it does "actual work". This is a big problem. I don't have the solution, but I know more funding/taxes/toll roads is in no way it.

Anonymous said...

Start by calling MoDOT headquarters or the st Joe office And demand that MoDOT stoplight engineer Joseph turner be fired and stripped of his state license to practice engineering. He is a University of Missouri graduate who advocates for things like divergent diamond interchanges, roundabouts and the new traffic lights that flash the yellow arrow. His annual salary is over $100k per year to do nothing but time traffic lights. Turner is considered a public enemy in st Joseph for his radical ideas and rhetoric towards the driving public. The people of st Joe would love nothing more than to toss him in prison.

Anonymous said...

Here's his listing in the State's webpage

Complete with license number and home address.

Anonymous said...

Or better yet, tomorrow morning and every morning, call the local call-in radio show on 680 AM between 8:00 and 9:00 and tell all of St Joe that you will not be patronizing any business in st Joe nor be attending Chiefs training camp or the August eclipse as long as this child-molesting, wife-beating, Prozac popping arrogant MU-grad psychopath is employed on the taxpayer dime

You don't have to give a full name.

Call starting tomorrow

Make your voice heard!

Anonymous said...

Man, emotes on this blog would be nice. Dude/dudette ^^^ WTF? That's some borderline stalker stuff right there. I'm ALL ABOUT major changes to MODOT and a LOT of those people losing their cushy gov jobs and getting into the private work force; and it sucks that MODOT dude makes twice what I do just 'cause he works at a gubmint agency. All that said, that's fairly mean to post home addresses with an aim to incite someone against the dude.

You want the "best" method to advocate a gov agency job position be eliminated? Get in touch with a local Rep and discuss in depth, and provide solutions for any "problems" that might crop up if that position was eliminated. Don't get personal, don't use names, don't get worked up; just discuss the facts at hand. You may not have a congressman that is willing to do that, so you could try a senator, but their all pretty worthless even in the boonies where you'd think they would be more willing to meet with the public.