Show-Me Enduring Missouri Lobbyist Gifts

Per ushe . . . Neither Republicans nor Democratic Party leaders are taking ethics reform seriously despite continued promises to clean up Jeff City. Checkit:

Missouri lawmakers still taking lobbyist freebies, despite pressure from governor with his own ethics issues

Gov. Eric Greitens took office Jan. 9 touting his signature vow to clean up Jefferson City with a historic ban on lobbyist gifts to Missouri politicians. As his first official act in office, he signed an executive order barring his employees from taking those freebies, and he challenged the legislators to pass a law barring it for themselves.


  1. That's cause he is a repubtard grifter. They are the biggest hypocrites and criminals in the game. Play on playa!

  2. More carpetbagger than grifter. He was a democrat, until he decided the political winds would favor a run as a republican. The result is MO is in political turmoil while the republican legislature runs wild with a faux republican gov who will sign legislation just to "prove" his repub pedigree. Just like Koster before him, Dems will do anything just to suckle the teet of political power.


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