Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Show-Me 'Dark Money' Ad Blitz For Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill After Faux Outrage

A nice bit of campaign finance transcription from the newspaper catches Sen. Claire in one of her many inconsistencies. Take a peek:

Dark money group launches ad campaign supporting McCaskill days after she pans dark money

A dark money group with links to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has launched a radio ad campaign in support of U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's re-election less than a week after the Missouri Democrat railed against dark money at a town hall.


Phil Cardarella said...

Claire has NEVER said that Dems should "unilaterally disarm" while the GOP can spend secret money at will. She had advocated rules that at the same for all.

Anonymous said...

She's still a poltical zombie, like Hillary with even less curb appeal.

Anonymous said...

it'll be dangerous to remind people that she's still in office.

the negative reaction to early ads could exceed the benefit.

Anonymous said...

Back up a few years ,,,,

this is the Same Claire that hired a Jefferson City Attorney to write up a Draft for a Bill for the public to Vote On, where if you voted NO, it was really a Yes

and if you Voted a YES, it was really a NO vote.

Even KSHBTV 41 called her on it

shes another Degenerate Liberal Cockroach that can't be trusted, as well as she's been in office far to long riding the tax payers piggy bank, like some GOVT. Welfare Leech !!

She needs to go, hard & fast !!

Anonymous said...

I thought the candidates and the outside groups weren't allowed to coordinate. So she is unable to prevent their ads.

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...

Phil Cardarella is a fucking cum gobbling douche bag that can't grasp reality. Democrats are crooks! Have been always will be. Democrat controlled pension plans.... Gone! Prove me wrong Phil you liberal ass licking fuck. You can't. Lets debate that Jack! You will get your cunt wives panties beat off you. FUCK YOU PUSSY!

Anonymous said...

Bought and paid for. Primary please.

Anonymous said...

8:45 Pm Is a tough talker. Had you any balls, you would publish your name. But the truth is your every bit the pussy you claim Phil to be, only Phil is rich and powerful and you are just a human shit stain. So continue in your "big talk" and return to your broke ass existence you little pussy bitch.

Anonymous said...

Claire's record is an advantage to her future opponent.

Hope she can keep Kander or another attractive young person out.

Claire 2018!

Same goes for.......Hillary 2020!