SecState Kobach Kansas Illegal Alien Voter Conviction: Fishing Trip Or Tip Of Iceberg?!?

There's argument over the implications over the threat of a dude from Peru illegally casting a vote and what it means for broader claims. Checkit:

Kansas Official Thinks Thousands Of Non-Citizens Voted. It Took Him Two Years To Convict Just One.

Nearly two years after getting the authority to prosecute voter fraud, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) announced Wednesday he had obtained his first conviction of a non-citizen who had voted.


  1. I applaud Kobach and his relentless pursuit of laws pertaining to immigration and voter ID.

    I don't think the left will ever admit voter fraud no matter how many cases are brought to light.

    Keep up the great work Kobach!

  2. Damn right.

  3. Puff Puff Pass Kobach.

  4. Vote fraud is easy to do and hard to prove. No one knows how prevalent it is. It may be inconsequential or it may not. The fact that we don't know is reason enough to address it. I do not buy the argument that requiring photo ID is a civil rights issue. I do know that where there is vote fraud a citizens vote may be canceled by an illegal vote. People who claim concern about voters being disenfranchised by photo ID requirements seldom seem concerned about that aspect of the issue.

  5. Fact is that we cannot get Americans to vote ONCE on a regular basis. The idea that there is a vast conspiracy that allows them to vote multiple times under different names or that there is a wave of non-citizens sneaking into the polls is absurd. Whereas, the impact of these partisan ID laws -- which require IDs that are not as easily available to many citizens, not just actual identification -- is clear and present as a danger to actual citizens.

    It is NOT a coincidence that only the GOP wants laws that have the impact of making it harder for valid Democrat-leaning voters to vote. Voter suppression is real -- and it is a tactic that some GOPers candidly admit.

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/14/17, 5:39 PM

    ... like gerrymandering.

  7. ^^^ Dumb and Dumber. ^^^

  8. Excellent use of Kansas taxpayers money. Don't fund education to teach people how to actually read and understand the research on voter fraud (hint: it happens most often with mail in ballots; though EXTREMELY rarely). Fund Kobach's publicity stunts and future political career.

  9. You guys are fools. Voter fraud is extremely rare and in most cases it is a person with homes in different states voting in each respective state. They probably aren't even aware it is illegal, they just have interests in more than one state and is most likely an innocent mistake. I know in Kansas the very few cases he had found has mostly been Republican voters. The assertion that thousands of illegals vote is laughable and not one of you can prove it. Not even Trump has been able to prove it. Stop listening to dumb asses and look for actual evidence.

  10. Nancy Claire Finesteinstein4/15/17, 12:01 PM

    Yeah there was never any voter fraud. Charles Daily and the Chicago Democratic machine was a fucking mirage and those deceased voters really did rise from the grave just for the election. Acorn never got caught attempting to register hundreds of the same people to vote multiple times.

    However it is a well know Democratic fact that Al Gore was robbed of his presidency because of fraudulently omitted hanging chads that were magnetically engineered and manipulated by Vladimir Putin's secret UFO force financed by his distant cousin Donald Trump. There is only voter fraud when Democrats need an excuse for the failure of the shitty candidates they try to push into office. Then voter fraud is the ONLY explanation for this NON issue. Its all outlined for you in the Kuran white boys..


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