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Charlotte McKinney hotness keeps us rolling through all the important afternoon content worth a peek this afternoon. Take a look:

Kansas City Hipster Protest Lyrics

With New Book Of Poetry, Kansas City Writer Monique Salazar Finds Home

Just before Thanksgiving last year, Monique Salazar came across a Facebook video from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. The video depicted guard dogs attacking indigenous people standing in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The images struck her.

Naming The Local Dead

Minor Park homicide victim identified as Excelsior Springs man

Minor Park homicide victim identified as Excelsior Springs man Man was found dead in Minor Park last week Kansas City Police have identified the homicide victim who was found dead in Minor Park last week. Police said the victim is Timothy S. Rice, 57, of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Marathon Man Aftermath

Fiancée grieves but also celebrates man she loves who died at KC weekend half-marathon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Family and friends are mourning the death of a man who died unexpectedly while running in Saturday morning's "Rock the Parkway" event. The victim has been identified as Brandon Russell, who was running the half-marathon down Ward Parkway Saturday when he collapsed.

Selling Off The KCPS

Want to buy a school? Or just curious? Kansas City district to hold an open house

Kansas City Public Schools is stepping up efforts to find someone who wants to buy or lease the Chester A. Franklin Elementary building at 3400 Highland Ave. Closed since 2010, the 79,640-square-foot school will be open for public inspection from 10:30 a.m. to noon April 19.

Kansas City First Date Journalism Didn't Ask If They Got Their Meals Comped!!!

Quick action saves man's life at Plaza restaurant

The first date was going well so the couple lingered and talked for about 45 minutes after their meal at The Cheesecake Factory on the Country Club Plaza. Suddenly, the 50-something man coughed three times, stood up from the booth and fell face-first to the floor.

JoPo Considers Home Team Fate

Joe's Peppy Tone, April 10 - Joe Blogs - Medium

Yes, well, that's the name you chose for this thing - Joe's Peppy Tone. You chose it. Thanks. Personally, I think Joe's Peppy Tome is probably better, but it isn't quite the pun. And I would have voted for Circling the Bases, which seems a lot more sensible.

Pitch Turns Into Bar Guide

Manifesto's birthday party, a Thai New Year's celebration at Aep, and more: this week's restaurant events, April 10-16

Lusus Naturae, photo courtesy of Cinder Block Brewery Monday, April 10 Manifesto (1924 Main) turns eight years old today and is marking the occasion by bringing in guest bartender Ryan Rama, from Altamar Brands distributors. The bar is running $8 cocktail specials, with a margarita time-out shooter available from 5 to 8 p.m.

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  1. Minor Park.

    Gay cruising spot?

  2. RE: Want to buy a school? Or just curious? Kansas City district to hold an open house

    Ad listing: Single struggling minority district in search of buy-curious Sugar Daddy for good times!


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