Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review: Council Dude Jermaine Reed REALLY Wants Out Of Kansas City EPA Mandate

Some say this is a fools errand but amid the Trump era of reduced regulations . . . Getting out of a water bill might be an EPIC win for Kansas City as long as we aren't talking about water quality. Checkit:

Councilman Reed: Unfunded Federal Mandates Burden Kansas City Taxpayers

Earlier this month Kansas City, Missouri, residents raised their own property taxes for 20 years in part to help pay for federally-required improvements to public buildings under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Mandates like these, which come without any federal dollars, often fall on the backs of local taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

The city BLEW their opportunity to fix the problems back starting in the late 80's early 90's. They actually got $ from the feds but instead of fixing the city wide problems what did they do? They spent it on Brush Creek development and "beautification". We know who that worked out for don't we.

The idiots at city hall just kept deferring the violations of the clean water act ASSUMING fed money would always come. But it "dried up". Then the Feds said NO MORE DEFERMENTS. FIX YOUR PROBLEMS! and took KC to court.

Now City Hall Inc runs to Washington crying "no fair!" when they knew about the problem but deferred it and used what money that did come in for developer interests and for flood control down in the industrial district.


And their billion dollar plans STILL do not really fix all the problems.

Anonymous said...

City Hall had NO plan & NO clue to address the violations and water problems 30 years ago. They had time to plan, but no plan. Just kick the can down the road.

That is the result of Berkley (R), Cleaver (D), and Barnes (D) administrations.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these the same politicos who are wailing, moaning, and marching around because the new administration in Washington is considering reductions in the budgets for the EPA, arts programs, health and safety agencies, and all the rest?
Yes they are!
KCMO blows through hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars on pretty much everything but basic services that actually impact residents and are important to them.
And then they complain about federal intervention in a health issue like the sewer system because they might actually be forced to spend money on a necessity?
With that high a hill of hypocrisy to climb in Congressional testimony, did Jermaine realize that he had drawn the short straw?
This gang make the Three Stooges look like the board of the National Science Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Reed still resembles a freak show. No change in eight years except older, fatter and uglier. Starting to look like his mama.