Report: Kylr Yust Connected To Both Jessica Runions And Kara Kopetsky Investigations

Kylr Yust is accused of setting fire to Jessica Runions car and KSHB reports that "In one police report, a witness claims to have seen Yust's truck near where the remains were found the same day Kara disappeared in 2007. Those reports also say Yust and Kara were dating at the time."

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Police reports show connections between Kylr Yust and 2 missing women

CASS COUNTY, Mo. - Earlier this week, two sets of human remains were found in rural Cass County. Investigators continue to search the area for more evidence. "It's mind baffling. It's boggling to think, it kind of just blows us away," said Joe Monteil, who lives not far from where the remains were found.


  1. Said nobody ever4/6/17, 6:33 PM

    What a white man a serial murderer??? Can't be. That almost never happens.

  2. He's definitely going to need a middle name.

  3. This is new?

  4. Strangely enough, 633, most serial killers ARE Caucasian.

  5. WRONG^^^^plenty of back killers with multiple victim's,difference is,they're FREE,right now ,killing they brother's, in every hood across the US.

    You lose.

  6. You Yust to be alright
    What happened?
    Did the cat get your tongue?
    Did your string come undone?

  7. What's a back killer? I don't think you understand the def of serial killer.

    You lose more.

  8. The definition of a serial killer is three or more people. KCPD clears 50% of its murder cases. I bet there is at least five black serial killers free on the streets of KC as you read this. Bigger citieswill have more.

  9. Kylr is innocent, he's just guilty of hooking up with his friend's GF. If he was so dangerous why would she let him drive her home?

  10. I hate to say it, but he's hot. No wonder he's like catnip to the girls.

  11. Hot in a hobo kinda way? Ewwww.

  12. He supposedly left the new body near a 10 year old one? Both found at the same time? I think they found a third unidentified victim killed much more recently than 10 years ago.


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