Reality Check: Kansas Democratic Party Internets Hype FAILS Progressive Candidates

It turns out that rage blogging and mean tweeting aren't a substitute for getting out into THE REAL WORLD and talking to voters about issues that matter . . . Take a look at a decent Kansas candidate who ran a competitive race but was ultimately failed local leadership and an army of online keyboard warriors who failed to convince the electorate . . .

The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates | Jamie Peck

Since losing the presidency to a Cheeto-hued reality TV host, the Democratic Party's leadership has made it clear that it would rather keep losing than entertain even the slightest whiff of New Deal style social democracy.


  1. The Democratic Party are Clintonians. They are anti populist and anti labor. They are the party of Wall Street. The Democrats cause the wedge issues to pull themselves away from the working class and towards the Wallstreet money. The wedge issues are being met in the streets by the under 30 demographic who is gaining support by the under 60 independence who aren't so much worried about building a new political party as much as a way of not relying politicians doing our bidding for them.

  2. "decent" dem candidate HA--yeah, this faggot only wanted to totally empower the government to just kill most of the white people--not ALL OF THEM!!!

    Dems are DONE HERE!! Good luck spending the rest of forever trying to "walk back" the last 8 years of Whyte peepole suck--kill all the white people.

    "Since losing the presidency to a Cheeto-hued reality TV host. . ."--this is how you ALWAYS know you're reading a totally serious and professional "news" outfit and not something written by a demonic childish aids addled homo.


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