Quarter Century Sentence After Kansas City Metro Kid Killing Drunk Driver Guilty Plea

Five felony count counts confronted this motorist in the aftermath of a horrific crash:

Man gets 25 years in prison for drunk-driving wreck that killed 2 kids

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - An Odessa man will spend the next two decades in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to charges in a drunk-driving accident that killed two children. James L. Green, 61, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of assault and DWI charges.


  1. Bring back the chain gang and the rock pile for this oxygen thief

  2. Fucking horrific.

  3. how much is a beer worth ?

  4. He will most likely die in prison before his term is served. Glad the system finally got this douche off the road for good. He should have gotten time for DWI #2 and #3. Maybe that family wouldn't have been destroyed.


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