Friday, April 14, 2017

Quarter Century Sentence After Kansas City Metro Kid Killing Drunk Driver Guilty Plea

Five felony count counts confronted this motorist in the aftermath of a horrific crash:

Man gets 25 years in prison for drunk-driving wreck that killed 2 kids

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - An Odessa man will spend the next two decades in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to charges in a drunk-driving accident that killed two children. James L. Green, 61, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of assault and DWI charges.


Anonymous said...

Bring back the chain gang and the rock pile for this oxygen thief

Anonymous said...

Fucking horrific.

Anonymous said...

how much is a beer worth ?

Anonymous said...

He will most likely die in prison before his term is served. Glad the system finally got this douche off the road for good. He should have gotten time for DWI #2 and #3. Maybe that family wouldn't have been destroyed.