Pro-Trump Poetry Reading In Kansas City Park

It's a find day to listen to some verses dedicated to our President. Check this worthwhile local event that will feature a cacophony of local voices lifted up in praise of the new Administration. Check it out, show them some love and tell them TKC sent you . . .

Kansas City - Tomorrow - Finding Zen in Cowtown Book Release

Celebrate the kickoff of National Poetry Month by joining us for a reading of poetry about Kansas City at the beautiful, downtown Ilus Davis Park! Saturday, April 1, 2017 2 pm to 4 pm Ilus Davis Park North of City Hall between 9th and 11th Streets


  1. Shocking, and you mean Byron and his democrapy supporters didn't show up to slap horses and beat people up after subduing them with pepper spray?

  2. What rhymes with "Get 'em outta here" and "Go home to mommy"


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