Monday, April 17, 2017

Prez Trump Budget Nixes Kansas Rail

Here's a bit of a reality about the priorities of rail transit for the Trump Administration . . . Take a look at bad news for toy train streetcar advocates as well . . .

Budget proposal would end Amtrak service in Kansas cities

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- A budget proposal that puts a passenger train route that passes through Kansas at risk is raising concerns. The Topeka Capital-Journal ( ) reports that President Donald Trump's budget calls for the elimination of federal subsidies for some money-losing long-distance train routes.


Anonymous said...

So I guess we will never see the Amtrak Superliner Cowshitrunner in Kansas. Just when I was thinking the route between Hays and Atchison was going to save the rail business in America.

Anonymous said...

So much for making America great again. I thought he was going to fix our broken third world infrastructure.

If Trump can save coal mines, then rail should be easy.

Please don't tell me Trump is going to start breaking campaign promises.

Anonymous said...

Screw Kansas. There is nothing in that God-forsaken place worthy of a train route.