Pope & Prez Trump Condemn Deadly Egypt Church Bombings On Palm Sunday

Quick Sunday note from the faithful among our blog community as the world plunges into Holy War . . .

TKC Church-goer: "Our regularly scheduled Sunday fundraising plea from our priest was interrupted today by recognition of what's happening in the world right now and the recent bombings. Now more than ever I think people are moving past these unsuccessful Democrat(ic Party) election tactics and joining with President Trump to confront terrorists and the hateful acts they are committing rather than ignoring the problem like the previous administration. Of course, in my Kansas City Church we prayed for peace but I could sense that most of us supported the effort to stand up to murderers rather than let them continue to kill innocent people."

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READ: Pope Francis, Trump Respond to Egypt Church Bombing

Pope Francis has responded to the twin bombings of coptic Christian churches in Egypt - attacks claimed by ISIS - by asking God to "convert the hearts" of the terrorists. The terrorist attacks occurred on Palm Sunday, one of Christianity's holiest days.


  1. Byron Funkhouser4/9/17, 6:03 PM

    We've been fighting terrorists for a long time. Why do you pretend that NOW, we are standing up to them? Or, do you think that bombing a Syrian airbase (an unprovoked act of war) has something to do with fighting ISIS?

    Der Fuhrer said that he would destroy ISIS in thirty days. You didn't believe him? Did you?

    1. I agree with your main point, but didn't you just the other day say trump did the right thing?

  2. Idiot^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. Der Funkhouser is a graduate of the Neville Chamberlain School of National Security.

  4. Thanks for your input , bitch . The TRUMPSTER has a definite strategy for the terrorist groups . Why do you think that the Saudi Prince and the prime Minister of Egypt and the King of Jordan were all in D.C. Meeting with the TRUMPSTER last week you dumbass douchebag homosexual agenda bitch ?

  5. Bombings killed 672 camels too. Sex education class is canceled until further notice.

  6. Thanks for your input , bitch . The HILDEBEAST has a definite strategy for the terrorist groups . Why do you think that the Saudi Prince and the King of Kuwait and the King of Qatar gave hundreds of millions to the HILDEBEAST last year you dumbass douchebag repubtard agenda bitch ?

  7. 10:15, those couture panderer pantsuits, short-circuits medical staff chaperones, Chipmunk Hubble's daughter's wedding along with her and Mark's posh NY digs, are pricey. Hilly ain't been scheming muzzie bros BIG MOOLAH bunch for nothing.
    Hilly and Democrims ain't been having HER sell the chance at prez ValBarry's third term on the cheap.

  8. I don't feel scared, but then again, I haven't attended any church services in Egypt recently.

    Our churches are more than reasonably safe. Unless you are an abortion doctor/usher in Wichita or a black bible study group in South Carolina.

    I guess some are tired of being scared shitless in the pews. So, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Turning the other cheek doesn't mean we still can't reach over and hit that launch button in the same motion.

    How Christian.

  9. The Church bombings in Egypt were a (((MOSSAD))) false-flag operation meant to justify more US Military intervention in the Middle East.Israel wanted it to happen...so it happened--same shit, different US President.Edward Snowden has stated publicly that ISIS members are recruited by (((MOSSAD))).If you subtract Israel from the equation, there is absolutely no reason for a single bullet to be fired in the Middle East.(((MOSSAD))) bombed the Churches in Egypt just like they bombed the Marine Barracks in Lebanon in 1983.The "reported gas attacks" is more bullshit to justify US intervention.

  10. Memo to 6:57 am: buy thicker tin foil.

  11. Kc Muslims say Jews and Christians are kuffar video


  12. Hope bitter 2:27 recovered from his late-night manic depression.


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