Old School Kansas City Showbiz Pizza Advert

As good of a place as any to start TBT . . . Showbiz Pizza Place once hosted at least 5 locations in Kansas City back in 1981 amid an inglorious era when the lower and middle-classes were forced to leave their homes in search of crappy pizza and mediocre video game and/or mechanical entertainment.


  1. Head out to ones of those places now and you will lose your mind. The literal dregs of society go there to stuff their faces and allow their feral offspring to run free without any restrictions. I can't imagine the kids that work there have a retention rate of more than about a month.

  2. I remember taking the kiddos to the OP location. The only way I got them out of there without a meltdown is to promise them that we would go next door to the popcorn/candy store. When it relocated, so did we. The pizza was terrible, but it was made purposely for children, not for adults. Now we have grandchildren, and they actually like sushi more than pizza. We might let the little ones go there, but never in the ball room (it's like a germ heaven).

  3. My wife and I worked at several Showbiz Pizza Places across the USA from 83-86. It has changed quite a bit. For the worse.


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