New York Times And Kansas Democratic Party Denizens Celebrate Victory Despite Defeat

The reality of election returns doesn't stop partisan spin or a curious reaction to a close defeat against an unpopular politico. Conservative Jack Cashill does a nice job explaining the phenomena that powers one Midwest Trump country election season after the next. Take a look:

NY Times Calls GOP Win 'a Loss' - The Sentinel

The New York Times ties itself in knots today describing how a Republican win in Kansas was really a 'loss.' The Times uses conditional statements to mansplain why Republicans should be discouraged in Kansas following Ron Estes' win over Democrat James Thompson in yesterday's special election.


  1. Claire's loss in 2018 will be even more positive then, right?

  2. You know things are bad for the Dems when they count a loss as a win. They're like a bad sports team that's encouraged because they only lost by a little bit.

  3. Same old losing strategy. Dems. don't learn.
    Republicans will achieve even bigger majorities in 2018.

  4. Most of the folks who work for the New York Times think that if you cross the Hudson River you'll fall off the edge of the world.
    Slumming in this part of flyover country is not their cup of tea.
    In politics, one candidate wins 100% and the other loses an equal amount.
    One goes to the capital to make public policy.
    And the other goes back to doing however he was earning a living.
    The point spread in this contest was WAY more than enough.
    The Times should stick to reporting about organic kale smoothies in Brooklyn.

  5. New York Slime?

  6. As if there isn't enough wrong in New York to blow and go about.

  7. Democrats sticking to that losing strategy.

  8. It was a 20 point swing from the last election, so yeah, it was a loss for the GOP.


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