Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Deets On Pembroke Hill And Jackson County Prosecutor Crowdfunding For Family Of Slain Kansas City Teen Girl

News that our blog community broke FIRST and worthwhile follow-up interviews. Take a look:

Jackson County Prosecutor, Pembroke Hill offer support for family of slain 14-year-old

A mother suffering from a tragic loss is getting some much-needed help. Students, a local business, and even the Jackson County Prosecutor are coming together to support the family of a young murder victim. Support from a county prosecutor is rare, but one murder case has stuck out in Jean Peters Bakers mind, and now she's asking the community to help support the family.


Anonymous said...

Probably MURDERED & Killed by the one of many Thugs Jean Peters Baker caters & Panders to, and little ol' Jean feeling kinda Guilty being soft on these Degenerate murderers !!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Or it's more likely, a good person doing a good deed. Not all of us are scum bag degenerate keyboard warriors like you.