More Deets On Decapitation Settlements

Brit media is the only outlet offering a real life perspective on this tragedy that's STILL being reported in the gentlest of terms locally. Take a look:

New settlements for family of Kansas boy decapitated on waterslide

Caleb Schwab died in August at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City His family reached a deal Wednesday with a general contractor and a consulting company involved in the project and have settled for an undisclosed amount Schlitterbahn is due to demolish the 168-foot Verruckt ride on which Caleb died


  1. If there's no video evidence, he didn't get his head lopped off.

  2. Let him rest in peace. The family has been through enough. It doesn't matter how he died, he is gone now and I'm glad they are tearing the dangerous ride down.

  3. Rebiblican legislator father- bet he was against regulation and for tort reform until this "act of god" happened.

  4. "Rebiblican"? My, what a clever wordsmith you are.

  5. 12:57 If anyone would know anything about anything of course it would be you.......


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