Friday, April 28, 2017

Mary Sanchez Vs. Kris Kobach & La Migra

Partisan bickering amid the reality of market place impacting immigration more than anything else . . . And the fact that all of the Mexicans are already here . . . Take a peek at this token Latina screed for the weekend:

Mary Sanchez: Cops as immigration agents? A bad - and likely expensive - idea

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach announced this week that he's staying put in these parts, possibly bound for a run for governor. That doesn't mean that Kobach's done with enticing other jurisdictions to enact bad policy - like the idea that police should engage in enforcing federal immigration law.


Anonymous said...

A google search of "Kansas City token Latino" yielded Tony's anti-hero Mary Sanchez at number 5 out of who knows how many matches.

To his credit: Mary says "Crime is more easily prevented and solved with the cooperation of communities. When people fear the police, that relationship is undercut.

She should have said "when people don't fear"...

Boy is she nuttier than a Payday.

I can see readership putting the print edition to obscurity soon with thinking that alienates share holders like that.

News is a business and thinking like that has no business representing mainstream media.

Her thinking is about as sane as a group of bunch of college students getting pulled over for doing a 69 in a 55.

Anonymous said...

Who's the DOUCHEBAG Maria ? Is she some housekeeping maid at a no - tell - motel , or the burger wrapper for Micky D ' S ?

Anonymous said...

Thank gawd we have Toneeeee keeping the Narley Snatcheeze legacy alive. When your circle of close friends also includes the likes of Bolonzo Washmachin you know you are on a winning team; Uh huh!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it has been since Mary Sanchez was properly fucked. Over a decade I Bet.