Local Latino La Migra Training Day

Here's a weekend workshop among ethnic residents of the metro focusing on legal rights amid an immigration crackdown and the assumption by some leaders that the new Prez Trump Administration has demonized all Latinos regardless of legal status. Take a look:

Forum helps immigrant homeowners, business owners make a plan

OLATHE, Kan. - The plan is to have a plan - that's the message mortgage brokers, insurance agents, bankers and attorneys are sending to immigrants. The Olathe Latino Coalition held an immigration forum on Saturday, to inform and educate. "If we inform ourselves more, we grow more," business owner Gilberto told us.


  1. Helping people break the law is criminal act.

  2. Breaking into a country does NOT make you an Immigrant, anymore than breaking into a house makes you part of the family.

  3. Wow, 7:05 is dead on the money with that statement. I like it.

  4. mortgage brokers, insurance agents, bankers and attorneys

    Pretty much sums up the big four criminal rackets pretty well.


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