KCPT Host Nick Haines Scheduled For Immigration Hearing: TKC Will Host Week In Review For The Remainder Of This Month

Despite ongoing debate about the future of Prez Trump's travel ban, immigration authorities have scheduled a "conversation" with beloved KCPT host Nick Haines and he won't be able to host Week In Review because of a conflict with his upcoming immigration trial.

I really want to thank Nick Haines for recommending TKC as his interim host and we look forward to helping to maintain the local discourse in his absence!!!

Thankfully, he was able to soldier on this week and conduct a very informative show about the upcoming April 4th vote.


"Nick Haines, Steve Vockrodt, Lynn Horsley, Dave Helling and Eric Wesson discuss the five ballot questions in next week's election. The $800 million GO Bond includes questions relating to infrastructure improvements to streets, bridges, sidewalks, flood control, ADA compliance and an animal shelter. The ballot also includes a sales tax for East Side development and changes to marijuana penalties."

Take a look at the last episode of WIR Nick Haines will host in the immediate future . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Congratulations Tony!

  2. Sad news about Nick. I hope he is able to make his case. He does a really great job with Week In Review and it's one of my favorite shows.

    I hope he will be granted immunity.

  3. April fools, guys.

  4. Yep. Those Welsh are dangerous. LOL
    Great one, Tony.
    I bet Nick is feeling the love.

    How long can you keep this up--I can't leave the house, keep reading!!!

  5. Like there was a pool of people just dying to fill in for Nick Whatthefuckshisname on that station that on a good day might have 5000 people tuning in. Can't wait to hear Tony educate the world on the Toni Anderson case and Jackyl da Ripper. That should be enough to just about do it in for public broadcasting.

  6. Snicker, snicker!
    This may have been Nick's most exciting election since he became a citizen!
    Funny ,Tony..!!¡

  7. Forget about filling in, Tony. Byron's got it !!¡

  8. I was embarrassed for Kansas City watching this show. First of all, three Star reporters and one other person make up the panel? That's not much for diversity. Secondly, half of the panel didn't seem to have any idea that the Bond Council dictated the Bond be broken into 3 sections...Helling made inaccurate comments about it after Horsley told them the real deets. I shouldn't know more about these issues than the panel of "experts".


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