Thursday, April 27, 2017

KC 'Priesthood Of All Believers' Blogging

A thoughtful insight into a wonderful idea inasmuch as the only leadership that matters is by way of example . . . And with respect to the Catholic belief that our top clerics can perform magic tricks beyond the skill set of the laity. Take a look:

Why everyone is called to ministry: 4-27-17

In my last National Catholic Reporter column, I suggested the churches rethink the processes they have created to ordain people to be pastors. There are lots of reasons to reconsider ordination, including the current danger that pastors who don't know...

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MDLQ said...

Bill, please stop your god from killing the little babies in their mothers...and tell your god to stop with the birth defects also.
I'm sure your god will do that....right?
Your god seems to keep killing and maiming innocent children.......