Kansas Republicans Fear Surprisingly Tough Congressional Special Election

Double links from both sides of this aisle on this political contest that some call a referendum on both Gov. Brownback & Prez Trump . . . While both views ignore the merits of a better campaign and candidate that COULD convince voters despite partisan conventional wisdom on both sides of the aisle. Take a look:

A Democrat Tries to Pull Off a Kansas Miracle

It's just after three in the afternoon on the Tuesday before Election Day, and James Thompson is in a gray Dodge truck driving away from the studios of yet another radio station. This time, the station was La Raza, a Spanish-language broadcaster that serves Wichita, Kansas, and its environs.

Republicans Suddenly Getting Nervous About a Special Election in Kansas

It's an old story by now that Republicans are jittery about holding onto the Georgia U.S. House seat once held by Newt Gingrich and Johnny Isakson, and mostly recently by HHS Secretary Tom Price, in an April 18 special election.


  1. No problem. ICE will do a sweep a week before the election and that will solve the entire issue.

  2. ^^^Your right. Removing those illegal Russian operatives will help swing the election to the dems.

  3. ^^^ those Russians to whom Hillary gave her Reset button? Yeah, makes perfect sense.

  4. They have no worries.
    They will bring out the big three guns: abortion, fags, and immigrants.
    Works every time.

  5. ^ for the Democrats or the Republicans? Those are the hot-button issues for both parties.


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