Kansas Rage Against Gov. Brownback?!?!

The "progressive" pitch offers a bit of reporting on weekend Kansas politics and the push for healthcare via town hall. Take a look:

Saturday's Olathe town hall shows eagerness to override Brownback's Medicaid veto - just not among Olathe lawmakers

Depending on one's perspective, the timing of the annual town hall meeting of the Kansas Legislature's Olathe delegation Saturday couldn't have been better. Or worse. Legislators around the state are being bombarded with calls to override Gov. Sam Brownback's despicable veto of the Legislature's bill expanding Medicaid eligibility to an estimated 150,000 Kansans.


  1. Amazing that a whole state cannot generate a profit.

  2. Amazing that legislators have their noses so far up Brownback's buns that they resist the public. Part of this is problem has been created by the ruse that Medicaid expansion is a position of the left. Olson, Lynn, Powell and Ryckman shouldn't have been re-elected for their involvement in bankrupting our state. They're not leaders, just followers.

  3. Scammin' Sammy is so far out of touch with the voters. He is begging daddy Drumpf to get him out his self-inflicted mess. What an absolute piece of shit he turned out to be.


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