All things considered . . . It's a great night for stoners across Kansas City.

Tonight's funniest election return . . .

Question 5 . . . A measure limiting municipal court punishment for marijuana to a $25 fine

Yes - 74.34%
NO - 25.66%

This is good news considering that dead tree media and many old fogies were against this one. As we noted previously . . . Grassroots support won the day on this effort.

Think of it more as a sign of the inevitable future and the first step toward further reform that will make weed legal across the nation in less than 10 years.

Developing . . .


  1. So next time you go to the Stadium light 'em up.

    1. http://www.tonyskansascity.com/2017/04/councilman-chris-moreno-recalled-by.html?m=1

  2. Just legalize it. $25 fine? I have to pay more for a parking ticket. What's the point.

  3. I am maybe stoned , what does that mean ?¿

  4. Do we get real weed , or take news , no high bullshit that doesn't have any pain relief , seizure activity relief , inflammation relief , cancer pain relief , ¿?¡! Chuckster and out bitches douchebag pieces of shit , I'm dying of the pain of Cancer and rhumatoid arthritis . Not bitching , just maybe in search of legal pain relief and peaceful end of life tranquility .

  5. Sad day for the weed smokers, eaters, drinkers, or however the f they get it. A little fine is great, but a suspended imposition of sentence is still a conviction. These people will have criminal records for the rest of their lives. Classical case of good intentions having unintended consequences.

  6. Hey there 11:16 , SO CORRECT , WTF Did it even matter , ? I'm still dying of cancer pain and not much more reliable relief , bummer about this douchebag LIBERAL Democrats shit , dude ¡!¡!

  7. It's a step in the right direction but not nearly enough.

    @Law enforcement: would you rather deal with a bunch of drunks in Westport killing each other OR directing traffic at Pancho's on Main as the stoners pile in to get those dank burritos. I ate all the queso. Sure, don't give weed to kids (unless there's a medical benefit to be had for a condition) but otherwise legalize that shit. Pills and alcohol will f you up waaaaaay more and they're legal.

  8. Drug users do not get security clearances, employers still see the convictions, drugs users can't buy guns legally, most likely you land in the Federal database where there is no difference between an ounce and a truckload of pot and this ordinance does not trump state law or federal statutes. What this did was replace red light cams with another ways for Kansas Shitty to raise money at your expense.

    I am all for legalizing pot with appropriate parameters, but anyone who thinks the effects of getting charged are any less significant than they were a year ago just doesn't get the long term scrutiny related to drug offenses. Now, instead of the cops telling you to dump your shit and walking away they will be writing those tickets and raising money for the city, as usual. This will just result in more convicted drug offenders.

  9. please read the psychiatric reports on the effects.

  10. Great. So instead of being a city full of fat chicks with tattoos, Kansas City will become a city full of stoned fat chicks with tattoos. I am so blissed out.

  11. Well that might be some improvement over being a city full of fat stoner mudsharks.

  12. Do we get real weed , or take news , high bullshit that doesn't have any pain relief , ¿?¡! Little Byron and out bitches douchebag pieces of shit , I'm wanting to get high every fucking day of the week . Just bitching , just maybe in search of legally getting high while I mooch off the taxpayer.


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