Kansas City Updates Abandoned Bike Lanes

More deets on how we're spending that GO Bond money . . . Here's a peek at double down "investment" in a form of transit for weekend hobbyists and political activists looking for the meaning of life outside of dead end middle-management gigs. Take a look:

Kansas Cty is Updating Its Bike Plan

Do you ever find yourself driving Barry Road west of I-29 asking yourself why no one ever uses the bike lanes? You are not alone. I've been doing a lot of research lately on cycling and the on-street bike lanes built in the past decade have been psychologically studied to...


  1. No designation for bike lanes in GO bond documentation, liar. Quit spreading your shit. Nobody's listening, nobody's buying it.

  2. I am sure after a million dollar study and three trips to Spain the KC government will figure out where you can ride a bicycle in Kansas City. Now if they can just figure out where you can walk without becoming a crime victim they might be on to something.

  3. They're more than welcome to ride in my lane:)


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