Kansas City Springtime Shopping Season Start

Great ideas on locations for a flash mob an confrontation OR discarding out of town guests . . .

7 Outdoor Shopping Districts to Scope Out In KC - Sarah Scoop

While it may not seem like it right now, soon the weather will be on our side here in Kansas City! When that day does arrive, it'll be time to get out & enjoy it!


  1. Hope the Plaza Bunnies stay safe from...

  2. ...triggered baby boomers who fear their own shadow!

  3. ^ nothing to fear from the packs of feral utes...

  4. Oh, yeah, fun times for all. Killa city don't do no old lame egg hunts. We get new games to play, like hide and shreik on the Plaza. It's fun to go diving for the bushes like bunnies at the crack of gunfire.

    Aaaaahh, wuzzup, Doc?! Meet me by Cheesecake's dented bushes for a nibble on my carrot!


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