Kansas City Saturday Crosstown Traffic

Sophie Reade starts our look at the local midday, with mostly traffic reporting that still might be important for our readers who are out and about . . . Take a peek:

Kansas City Broken Road

First Alert Traffic: I-435 now closed on east side of KC

Interstate 435 is closed in both directions from 87th Street to 350 Highway. Crews are demolishing the 83rd Street bridge over I-435, prompting the need to close the highway. The highway is expected to reopen very early Monday morning. For free First Alert traffic updates on the go, download the KMBC 9 News app.

Crash Aftermath Last Night

Six injured in single vehicle crash on I-35

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Six people were injured in a single-vehicle crash on I-35 and 18th Street late Friday night. Police were called to northbound I-35 and 18th Street Expressway about 11:11 p.m. Officer say the vehicle was northbound on I-35 when it attempted to exit onto 18th Street.

Local Transit Push Back

Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Cars to Defy Trump

Dozens of U.S. cities are willing to buy $10 billion of electric cars and trucks to show skeptical automakers there's demand for low-emission vehicles, just as President Donald Trump seeks to review pollution standards the industry opposes.

Crackdown On Kansas City Working Class

Sobriety checkpoint on Friday in Waldo results in 14 DUIs

Kansas City Police caught 14 drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence and 13 others with attempting to avoid a sobriety checkpoint set up on Friday at 77th Street and Wornall Road in Waldo. The sobriety checkpoint at 7712 Wornall Road checked 321 cars, according to KCPD.

Wonderful Views Of The Highway

KC Crossroads District Hotel Property Construction - Photoblog

February 2017 drone practice flight with a site view of KC Crossroads District hotel property construction at 20th and Main, Kansas City, Missouri.

Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix is the afternoon song of choice and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. "Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Cars to Defy Trump"

    Headline should read: "Cities Continue To Rob Their Own Citizens as Local Political Leaders Use Citizens Money to Promote Their Own Stupid Political Agendas".

  2. "Cities shop for $10 million of coal powered cars. Bring on the CO2, they say."

  3. Greenpeace opens go fund me account to buy fleet of electric boats and floating solar powered recharging stations. Congressman Cleaver applauds effort and promises to fight for a billion dollar Federal grant to provide them with mobile Internet service.

  4. How stupid are they to support the theory of supply and demand without subsidy. If they want the cars, buy em. Trump isn't making electric cars illegal.


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