Kansas City Sidewalks Saves Lives But Homeowners Hit With Costs For Repair

Here's an upbeat follow-up to previous KICK-ASS TKC REPORTING . . . Homeowners are liable for the sidewalks in front and adjacent to their homes and today's GO Bonds won't change this fact of life or municipal code legislation:

Ever Thought of It? Sidewalks Play Big Role in Community Health

Let's say you buy a new home in Kansas City, and several months later, the city blindsides you with a $4,000 bill for sidewalk repairs you knew nothing about. Seriously? City Councilman Scott Wagner encountered just that scenario the other day. "This isn't fair," the man complained to Wagner.


  1. Yes, it's true. If you own a house and get a new sidewalk courtesy of the city, you WILL have to pay for it. Always has been this way. I'm sure businesses won't get dinged because the city doesn't want to stifle them.


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