Kansas City Season Of Racism: Fear Even More Local Traffic Killing Marathons

Follow-up on a weekend of complaining . . . From now until about November, Kansas City streets will be shut down almost every weekend in service of corporate events and promotional runs with very little benefit for the charities they tout.

Public service for those who want to keep up with the typical inconvenience: Check Kansas City's Official Race Website for scheduling.

Remember that there was an unsuccessful effort to curb the litany of marathons and runs a couple of years ago . . . Instead, even more annual events have cropped up and continue to create chaos most weekend mornings.

And so the start of the Springtime race and driver hate season is here . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Why can't all these runs and biking events all be ran on the
    Katy Trail which won't bother any traffic?

  2. If any of these douchebag homosexual agenda tranny's running parades go through Killa City , you running people lesbian pride Prancer better be armed up , lock and load up with hollow points metrosrexual skipping Bitch ¡!

  3. Why go anywhere in KCMO ? Have you been on the KT SD? Would answer your own question.

  4. thanks for the article on something that's gotten out of control.

    these events are really obnoxious for people who are not involved.

  5. If any of these douchebag Repubtard agenda Nazi running parades go through Killa City , you running people conservative pride Arnold Swartzeneggers better pucker up , and get ready to kiss some metrosexual ass Bitch ¡!

  6. Wake up lil byron, you're due to post some more gibberish. ^^^


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