Kansas City Royals Fans Frustrated

Thankfully, the home team stopped their skid last night with some excellent pitching but that still might not alleviate some very real fanboy concerns . . .

Kansas City Royals Must Start Winning or be Dismantled

The clock is ticking on the Kansas City Royals. They will pay out $145 million in 2017, their biggest payroll ever, according to an Associated Press report published by the Kansas City Star. Many of the players that make up the core of this team are in the last year of their contracts.


  1. Not to worry.
    Mr. "73,000,000 dollar" Alex Gordon will save us all.
    His batting average was .180 yesterday.

  2. ^^ man you said it !!!
    Plus...he keeps himself in such tremendous shape , even.

  3. It isn't all about Gordon. They have done better recently, so need an update.


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