Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kansas City Payday Lawsuit Smack Down

This journalistic crusade has seen falling circulation, ad revenue and publishing from The Pitch but for better or worse they believe the reporting will attract more online readers angry about Internets lending . . . Here's the cover story from their latest monthly issue:

Josh Landy, Richard Moseley Jr. slapped with payday lawsuit from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- Trump wants to gut this agency -- filed a lawsuit against, you guessed it, another Kansas City area payday lending operation. This time it's an outfit nominally based on tribal land in California but that has been operating in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

If nothing else it will teach American Indians to never let boons touch their money.

Byron Funkhouser said...

There is no such thing as an American Indian. Indians come from India.

Use Native American (unless you're unapologetic as to what we did to them, & claim only the bison is native american), or indigenous people (unless you're unapologetic as to what we did to them, & point out that most of them came across the Bering Strait, except DNA shows that the Hopi didn't come that way. We don't know how they came to be in the South West.), or (as the Canadians prefer), the First Peoples, because even if you need to discount, minimize & rationalize what we did to them, they were here first.

We stole this land from them, but it is still theirs.

It's disgusting the way that White America has never apologized, or even acknowledged, that our white ancestors were murderers, & thieves, on a grand scale. We stole the major part of an entire continent, instituted ethic cleansing on a massive scale, & then claimed that stealing their land was our MANIFEST DESTINY, as if it were God's Will!

But, WTF, did we teach them to sing, "God Bless America" instead of "This Land is Your Land"?

Anonymous said...

B'lieRON, WTF, did we teach you not long ago that the first to populate this continent were from Asia? Look it up. Learn about the more prominent ties of those arriving Asians to the later Incans, Mayans, and others from what is now the equatorial zones of The Americas. There's definite similarities of skull dimensions, the same shaped skin-folds around the eyes (has a specific anatomical term), the same protrusions of high cheekbones, and fairly identical wider mandibles to allow for larger dentition.

Anonymous said...

Hang their Degenerate asses !!!!

Anonymous said...

Funkenshyster go fuck yourself. I am Cherokee and If I want to use American Indian I fucking will dumb ass. Just remember a boon by any other name is still the lowest form of life on earth. Also! Please tell your government to send your rent payments to me.

The Innocent Bystander said...