Kansas City Oak Mite Comeback 2017?!?

Itching with anticipation or local burning sensation returns . . . Here's a reason to enjoy the mild weather. Checkit:

Will Oak Mites Return To Kansas City In 2017? It Depends

The questions never stop coming. All fall and winter, people have not forgotten the 2016 outbreak of oak leaf itch mites. This itch mite is the pest that caused your friends and neighbors to hibernate indoors until a hard freeze brought this apocalypse to an end.


  1. Lemme tell you something boys and girls. Oak mite bites are their own special level of hell. They make chiggers look like punks.

  2. Worse are the paracitic leeches blood sucking Oak mites at 12th Street and Oak !

  3. I already got bitten in seven spots a couple of weeks ago when we had our 80 degree weather and I had my doors wide open with the wind blowing them inside my house. They're out and didn't die off over the mild winter.

    1. I live in southern Oklahoma i have had several bites the last 2 years now as of October 1st bites on top of my head and arms i have so many bites that i run a fever some times

  4. KILLA CITY politicians or the far less dangerous oak mite ?

  5. KILLA CITY politicians or the far less dangerous oak mite ?

  6. Whoever wrote that article didn't do so well in composition. It's really sophomoric. The science part of it seems fine, but it's hard to read.


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