Kansas City Mayor Sly James Recommits To Sketchy Downtown Renaissance Scheme

After winning a big election while pushing "infrastructure" the Mayor now restarts his eco-devo talk . . .

KC mayor outlines vision for Downtown growth

Kansas City Mayor Sly James was at the Missouri Theater on Tuesday night to take part in a discussion about Downtown revitalization in St. Joseph. James and St. Joseph Mayor Bill Falkner took to the stage a little after 7 p.m. to answer questions about civic issues asked by City Planner Nic Hutchison.


  1. Keep lowering those downtown property values Sly boy!

  2. I think this guy really is an idiot now. A very dangerous idiot when it comes to handling taxpayer money.


  3. True, but the main idiots are the ones who continue to give him money in the first place.

    BIG MISTAKE BIG..The idiots just gave him the right to raise taxes as high as he wants to meet that debt. Your house and cars are now collateral for this crook.

    Now that's idiotic! $8.00 a year, how funny


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