Kansas City Mayor Sly James Encourages Local Democratic Party Progress

This partisan screed makes the case the Democratic Party efforts shouldn't ignore small local offices in their opposition to the new Prez . . . Important given that Northland GOP politicos have targeted KCMO council positions bolstered by the current Administration.

Money quote:

Sly James, mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, made the case this way: “If you have more Democratic mayors and local elected, you can do a lot of good, and stop a whole lot of bad.”

Nuts & Bolts: The guide to a Democratic campaign. The power of city & county elections

While we spend a lot of time on Daily Kos discussing federal campaigns and the race for US House and Senate, we don't often discuss our municipalities and county office holders. Most Americans, though, are much more likely to run for local office, and all Americans are impacted by the decisions of local office holders.


  1. Mr. Mayor

    Please explain to the residents how you can do a lot of good while stopping all the bad?

    So far all I have seen you do is bury the residents with a huge tax burden while begging for money to sink the city down even further. They you float out all your satistics about trolley riders and visitors that even a 5 year old child could spot as being phony. As for stopping bad all the residents have seen is crime and murders that are out of control with not any hope of it being brought under control. So how can you and Mr. Cleaver explain that stupid comment you made when you are both the top two democrats in the city knowing full well it's all a lie?

  2. Perhaps there can be bipartenship in the Heartland. Republican James' call for more local Democratic office holders is good news.

  3. KC seems dangerous. Focus ought to be on crime and reduction of murders and house robberies.
    What is the benchmark and plan? Is there one? If not... that's a huge problem.
    If there is a plan- how is it working? Marches and protests do not work and are not a a plan.
    Just start now- benchmark with a 90, 180 and 365 day plan. Let the public know and give updates.
    Anything else is just BS...

  4. Sly James is a in the closet republican who doesn't have a rats ass concern about his own people. Your time is up, good riddance. And although you will only consider the perspectives and comments from your Caucasian counterparts as to your legacy as mayor just know, the black people of this community say, you suck, your time given was a complete waste to our lives, we deserve better. Move on don't look back, no apologies needed. Our communities are in worse conditions than they were when the white lady was at the helm. Crime is higher, unemployment is higher, and white people have gotten a heck of a lot more richer. Not that I have a problem with people enhancing their lives, just give some balance to the playing field. Banks won't loan in the core, unions won't hire. You didn't do shit. Bye.

  5. No. Sly James is the next Democrat Congressman for the fifth district as soon as Cleaver decides to retire. The fix is already in. Everything he's doing now is to guarantee the financial support to do so. Sly is about as Republican as my dog is a violinist.

  6. ^ winner, winner, chicken dinner ^


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