Kansas City Loose Park Monochrome

These EXCEPTIONAL PIX deserve a great deal of consideration and a good look from so many locals who overlook one of the best places of respite in Kansas City . Take a peek:

Loose Park In Black And White

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  1. Wonderful, old-fashioned postcard look to the photos.

    Is the yucca/cactus garden new? Don't remember it.

  2. A city this size and we only have ONE stinking park that's worth visiting?
    Yes, it's true. We have Swope which is sorta kinda safe in the daytime, maybe. The rest of our celebrated parks are postage-stamp size with maybe a swing-set or slide. Or they are vast fields with nothing but weeds -- not even a walking trail. Our park system has many acres (a bragging point for the City), but not much in the way of usable space. Sad....


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