Kansas City Late Night News Sign-off

Joanna hotness inspires this quick check-in for some of the top local links in the later part of the local news cycle. Take a peek:

Local Bloggy Bunny Listicle

8 KC Restaurants for a Superb Easter Brunch - Sarah Scoop

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a child, I'd wake up extra early to find an Easter basket perched on our living room table. I'd then spend the day brunch is a beloved tradition for many of us. Pierpont's Looking to enjoy a meal at the historical Pierpont's this Easter?

Kansas City Home Team Pandering

No Border War on opening day: Brownback and Greitens cheer on Royals together

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback met up at the Kansas City Royals' home opener Monday. Brownback posted a photo he took with his Missouri counterpart and Royals owner David Glass on Monday evening after the Royals fell to the Oakland A's in a 2-0 defeat.

More Tragic Crash Reports

Family members remember one of two teens killed in Sunday joyriding crash

The incident happened in Lenexa. Of the nine teens in the car, none of them were old enough for a driver's license.

Local Weather Outlook

First Alert: Rain will likely return Wednesday

Enjoy the sun while you can Tuesday!

Kansas City Royals Losing Start

Cotton dazzles as A's spoil Royals' home opener with 2-0 win

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Oakland starter Jharel Cotton kept getting interrupted during his warmups Monday, first by Melissa Ethridge rocking out the National Anthem, then by a flyover from a B2 bomber, and finally by an emotional tribute to the late Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura.

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  1. Remember the good ole days when families had dinner at home together on Easter. And guess what, The Plaza, Wesport, Loose Park, even 63rd and Troost were safe areas to spend time with your family in.

  2. Didn't see Frank White, representing the Jackson Country taxpayers who pay $35 Million a year to subsidize the Royals, in David Glass's suite!

    Brownback just tries to steal businesses from Missouri! He shouldn't be allowed in the Stadium!!!

  3. Hey there 10:06 , cannot go to any of those shit stains places now due to the douchebag homosexual agenda groid take over . So dangerous is anything in Killa City now , avoid the plaza tonight and forever .

  4. ^^^Stay in your home coward. Don't come out. You'll be killed fo sho!

  5. Lil byron (12:57) threw out the bait and 7:55 took it.

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/11/17, 10:05 AM


    You don't really have psychic powers, & I haven't commented since Palm Sunday (the day that Christians pretend that palm leaves fall off in the spring).

  7. Of course byron, you've just been drawing your public assistance, surfing porn, and taking orders from the mud shark. We're talking about your mini-me.

  8. Silly B'lieRON, nobody's pretending palm fronds fall. The symbolic plant parts are CUT for ceremonial use. There's easy research for further details, but don't bother with all that effort feckless Funky. And, B'lieRON, those rich and "muddle-class" you despise are some of the CATHOLICS OF ALL RACES buying the cultivated palms, which benefits low-income families and cottage industries in distressed regions.

  9. Thanks for coming back, lil byron!


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