Kansas City Infrastructure Slap Fight Redux

Best reporting of the day offers insight into a great many promises soon to be broken. Take a look . . .

Infrastructure takes center stage at City Hall

By Paul Thompson KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Emotions ran high at City Hall on the afternoon of Thursday, April 13, as the City Council business session provided the forum for a passionate discussion about the fate of the Buck O'Neil Bridge.


  1. We need a new bridge. City council get with the program.

  2. Have a request for some work on your street or sidewalk?
    Sorry, but you're too late and all the money has already been committed.
    Should have been in Troy's office yesterday with the gang of usual suspects, insiders, construction firms, grifters, and all the rest.
    Hope to hear from you when the next forty-year $800 million bond issue is considered.
    Thanks for playing.
    A city that works.
    Just not for you.

  3. OK voters. Quit your bitchin. This is what you wanted. A check from the taxpayers and a list with nothing on it. There is going to be a free-for-all with that pile of money. Bridges - woo hoo. Sidewalks - woo hoo. And anything else they want.


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