Kansas City First Friday French Fry Face-Off

Linked just to mix things up a bit, in hopes that locals use this info to avoid clogging their arteries by way of experimentation, I like the post title and because it's important encourage competition and a local face-off. Take a look:

Food Critics: The Best Fries In Kansas City

It's hard to go wrong with fries. They come in all sorts of shapes and textures, and they're a great vehicle for dipping sauces, seasonings or even gravy. Whether you prefer thin and crispy, thick and pillowy-soft inside - or waffle-shaped, crinkle-cut or curly - on Friday's Central Standard , KCUR's Food Critics searched out the best fries in and around Kansas City.


  1. Best french fries come out of my kitchen. I mean come on, it's a freaking potato cut into strips and baked or deep fried. Those who swear Joe's Kansas City are the best have never taken the time to make some homemade fries covered with some sea salt or any other spice you may have in the ole home kitchen. The secret to any good fries is the cold water soaking you do before cooking.

  2. Change it up from spuds with easy to make pancake batter coated onion rings. Use a complete buttermilk mix (HyVee's good--follow the waffle directions) made with beer (Bud, Blvd., Tecate for TKC) or club soda, NOT water. Best if batter sits to warm a bit, or use room temp beer/club soda. Plain or salted rings are good for dipping in sauces.
    Anything other than salt and black pepper goes on the rings AFTER fried, if you want to refrigerate and reuse the oil. There's plenty of complimentary rings seasonings to go with whatever entrees. Salt those hot from the oil rings PLUS try these suggested:

    Sausage pizza or Italian brats = garlic salted rings, Jalapeno stuffed burgers = cayenne or rib rub on rings, Kicked up catfish/crappie = cheddar popcorn salt or dried dill on rings, etc.

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  5. Great suggestions from Dave & 10:15. thanks guys!


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