Kansas City Fears Rough Start For Royals

On the bright side, the games are much nicer now that the JoCo housewives are staying home. Nevertheless, locals can feel the home team fading and this bit of poetic commentary sums up enduring fanboy loyalty amid signs of a tougher season: Commentary: Pride, Perseverance And Patience

Commentary: Pride, Perseverance And Patience

The Kansas City Royals are off to a rough start. But what can fans do about it? What should they do? Simply wait it out? Well ... yeah. Sorta. Commentator Victor Wishna explains, in this April edition of "A Fan's Notes." The season had barely started and alarms were sounding.


  1. Mikey Sweeney4/14/17, 4:14 PM

    I heard that Alex Gordon was really stepping up his workouts lately, so I would imagine that he will start absolutely crushing the ball any day now.

  2. Man,let me tell you^^ buddy..
    You heard right !!!

    The man keeps himself in phenomenal shape..yes,you can expect Beast-Mode sooner than later..

    The Gordo Nation is in for an even better Gordo...soon


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