Kansas City Faith Life Inspires Activism

Blogger Bill Tammeus takes a look at congregations entering the political fray which often leans toward progressive causes that challenge the status quo. Take a look:

When congregations, clergy are silent: 4-3-17

Religious congregations from all traditions and their clergy should be leaders when it comes to speaking out about basic human rights and dignity. And many do. But a new survey by the religious pollsters at Lifeway Research shows that not...


  1. "Still, there's enough smoke in this Lifeway report that it would be worthwhile for people of faith to ask some hard questions about whether their own congregations and clergy are willing to speak openly about racial reconciliation, economic justice and other matters related to essential human rights."

    Smarmy, condescending bullshit from a guy who needs to render unto Caesar for all the bullshit programs he expects the middle class to fund.

    If you want to politicize from the pulpit, then start paying taxes.

  2. the churches' politicizing has failed to help folks in the murder zone.

    maybe if they went back to religion and the golden rule they'd accomplish something.

  3. Racial Reconciliation = Publicly Kiss Non-White Asses for your Entire Life

  4. So this means the Southern Baptists can shut down abortion clinics and block employer insurance involving womens promiscuous healthcare?

  5. ^ delusional deflection ^

  6. The Catholics in Kansas started this War On Women when Bob Dole was getting his ass kicked by a progressive back in the early 70's. The Evangelical Right jumped in when Jerry Falwell realized his racist private schools were getting shut down by Jimmy Carter. During this past forty years of downward spiral the idea of a middle class died like a fetal whimper.

  7. ^ delusional deflection #2 ^


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