If Kansas City locals get a good education, work and save for most of their lives . . . Most people will still never come close to living or even visiting something as nice a $10-MILLION local listing that's garnering renewed attention amid the selling season.

Take a look at a reminder that capitalism has failed:

There's No Place Like ... The Most Expensive Home in Kansas

Check the slap in the face quote to most local residents:

"It was built in 2002–03, and it’s on 4 acres in Mission Hills, which is the nicest area of Kansas City,” says listing agent Susan Fate. “The home is basically Old World craftsmanship with all sorts of modern amenities. It’s just phenomenal."

Language from the listing:

"Georgian Style Gated Estate in Mission Hills on 4 acres. Attention to detail thru-out. Exterior is Antique Reclaimed Brick, Roof is Vermont slate, hand planked Flooring, Walnut drs, Venetian hand-plastered walls, imported European Flrs, Amish craftsman carved archways & moldings, heated flrs, Limestone patios 2-story CABANA, w/Entertain Area, Kitch, Bdrm & Bath, Screen Por, Gazebo, Infinity Pool/Hot Tub, FP. Overlooking lush grounds is a Spring-fed Lilly Pond w/Entertaining area."

Now, a closer look shows us that this house has been vacant for about a year. Still, the plush views and opulent interior shouldn't inspire envy from Kansas City residents . . . Instead, it's probably more productive to simply file this one away as a counter-argument whenever locals talkers start blathering about the evils of "socialism" and wanting to keep wages down or strip away healthcare.

You decide . . .


  1. Probably owned by a KCMO TIF developer/lawyer. Your tax dollars at work. Thanks for your support.

  2. sounds like Tony is a bit envious. It's more likely somebody born with a silver spoon and since it's been empty for a while, they either own multiple homes and/or died or in jail. Not understanding the quote of yours stating it's a slap in the face to us though. I wouldn't want to own a house like that.

  3. 10 million dollar home, $50 images.

  4. ^^^ You're being generous. Most of those pictures suck, Tony picked the best ones. The house deserves to go unsold.

  5. Owned by the Wolfe family. Car dealership money.

  6. Looks really dated.

  7. I would rather buy 50 cars from Mark Muller from Max Motors then one from the Wolfe family.

  8. I have been working for rich to very rich and very, very Yeah-That's-My-Cessna 680 rich.

    Don't get me wrong, money is really cool.

    That said, these fuckers get hooked on the same drugs, drown themselves in booze, fuck off on their wives, husbands and significant others, wreck cars, go to jail, fuck up at work, get fired, lose their companies and end up under bridges.

    No shit.

    Some are great folks, some suck ass, if the check clears, I keep my mouth shut and do my job. Most, are pretty good people actually.

    Their kids, usually turn out like shit and I mean SHIT.

    Lazy worthless pukes who can't hit their own ass with both hands. That is usually their, rich people, biggest regret. Especially if they are nouveau riche. Second generation kids from boot strap successes are so fucked.

    One guy I worked for about 15 years ago, had a business for sale for 45 million, turned it down (Internet shit) and then finally sold it for 11 million. I put 500k, that's right, $500,000.00 of Low Voltage in his house. Yep. I sure as fuck did. That is a metric fuck ton of Audio and Video, that you could, even back then, control with your wrist watch, while you were hot tubbing in Berlin.

    Now, after his wife, family, money, fame and fortune are gone, he is, I swear, homeless. I heard he was down in Texas from a guy who knew him well.


    I heard the stories, they were so cool. What can I tell ya?

    All gone.

    The key to happiness, is luck and independence.


  9. The Greater Kansas City Aryan4/11/17, 2:06 PM

    Gaudy as all Hell. Kind of a dump. They should tear it down and start over.

    1. I agree with the gaudy part. You can always tell the house of a parvenu vs that of an old money neighbor. No amount of money can buy good taste or understated manners.

  10. If we had the same tax rates -- up to 95% over $1 Million -- as we had under that old Commie Eisenhower (but adjusted for inflation) there would be neither a deficit nor a national debt. Our infrastructure would be tip-top -- and health care would be universal. Our kids would be being educated, not just warehoused, and our prisons would not be stuffed. Like in Germany or Sweden.

    And, no one felt that there was an inadequate supply of rich people back then in 1961, either. They just could not take all of the money and leave too little for the peasants.

    The Roosevelts had saved capitalism from itself by reforming it and cutting back on its greed. And, in doing so manufactured the world's greatest middle class.

    Americans have traded that for cheap TVs at Walmart and the politics of fear. Too bad. Actually: SAD!

    1. Typical liberal mindset; you did nothing to earn the money but you want to dictate how to spend it.

  11. ^^^ Sad but true. However, our population would be nothing because people would run to escape that kind of tyranny.

  12. Another foreclosure. Damn boons need to live within their means - section 8 or not.

  13. All that info ,then leave out the basics... does the fuckin place have a dishwasher ?
    Central air? ...would they consider rent to own???

    Stupid idiots .

  14. Phil Cardarella - NO millionaires in the 1950s paid 95% tax rates. Like today, the majority of millionaires' income is from capital gains. The capital gains tax rate for top earners in the 1950s was 25%, compared to 20% today.

    Factoring that into total earnings of 1950s millionaires, their overall effective tax rate was 31%, not 95%. Not that far off from today.

  15. That fat ass free speech ace crime solver is killing comments again. It needs a dictionary to comprehend what free speech is. I guess TV stars have an image to protect! WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

  16. 8:58, that has been pointed out to Cardarella many times before on this site and on others, obviously to no effect. He's reluctant to give up a perfectly good talking point. Whether it's true doesn't matter.

  17. ^ if leftists don't like the facts, they just make up different ones.


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