Kansas City Election Week In Review

A next batch of Dead Tree Media newsies offer their insight into an election in their new city. Take a look:

"Nick Haines, Bryan Lowry, Stacey Cameron, Brian Abel & Colleen Nelson discuss the success of all five ballot measures in Tuesday's KCMO election, the push to make Kansas a flat tax state, failed efforts to expand Medicaid in Kansas, the implications of Claire McCaskill's vote to block Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court and the special election in the 4th Congressional District of KS."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Claire 2018, meaning sinecure at a leftist organization in Washington.

    She's obviously tossed aside representing Missouri in any way.

    Too bad the legacy newspaper will be printing recurring holier-than-thou soundbites until 2018.

  2. Now that Uncle Ben-Obamy has left the White House Claire has little to do except stumble around in the dark looking for some fresh ass to kiss.

  3. 8:19&10:32 - LOL, da troof.

  4. No mystery as to why there were no high-profile administration officials in attendance.

    KCMO is a corrupt Democratic Party machine town, and the Trump team will continue to bypass local officials while enjoying strong support from the Republican dominated states of MO and KS.


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