Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kansas City Election Aftermath Ruckus

For late night local news junkies, here's a peek at the Kansas City chattering class talking over topics that our blog community has already discussed in greater detail.

Still, a worthwhile conversation from "the leaders" of our local discourse.


"Mike Shanin interviews Tricia Johnson, Executive Director of Show Me KC Schools, about her organization's efforts and the year-long KCPT education project, Take Note. Then Lisa Johnston, Jim Heeter, Ron Freeman and Patrick Tuohey analyze Tuesday's election results, the implications of Governor Greitens avoiding the media and Claire McCaskill's stance on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see so many people kiss Sly's ass.

I guess we are making progress in KC after all. Heeter and his pucker were the best.

The Warm Up said...

Going to be a cold day in Hell tomorrow. The nation has to rally behind Trump. These guys better start towing the company line.

Kansas City said...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap on a cracker. Ron Freeman's still around? Do these people ever go away?

Anonymous said...

Heeter SUCKS....sucking on the teat of KCMO taxpayers and the status quo. Heeter complains about Gov. Greitens air travel, but fails to mention that he had a Mercedes courtesy of his cushy Chamber of Commerce package. HYPOCRITE! Stupid partisan comments on Judge Gorsuch. His toast was a pussy!

Tuohey should be KCMO Mayor and/or City Manager. Nice roast history lesson.

Dr. Johnston is the rare civil, intellectual Democrat. Listen to her comments on the media, excellent. Johnston is correct that McCaskill's days are numbered.

Freeman should be on the team to transform KCMO "red". Excellent roasting of McCaskill.

Anonymous said...

Patrick (Out Of) Touch-ey.

Usually it's hard to get that much egg off your face, but he's had practice wiping Rex's cum off his beard.

Anonymous said...

Steve Glorioso at 3:00 PM comment

That's just rude!
Just because Tuohey kicks your ass every time, don't get your gayness bent out of shape.