Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kansas City Double Shooting Party Bus Smack Down As Season Of Good Times Starts

A different kind of transit FAIL should remind locals to avoid these rolling nightmares at all costs they're stopped near convenience stores or anywhere else. Take a look:

2 shot, 1 assaulted on party bus in Kansas City

Two people were shot and one assaulted while on a party bus in Kansas City on Saturday night, police say.


Anonymous said...

Keep it Frosty

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad one of them didn't roll out on to the interstate and repeatedly get hit by cars & truck's basically turning the young individual into ground-beaf...because then that would've really got stupid Daves dander up.he then could have went on a tirade against said victim and in his pickled fubar pea sized brain he could turn the groud-beaf-vitim into a mere stupid lump and pieces of stupid shit,that also had it coming ..

Anonymous said...

^ "groud-beef-vitim"? Put down the bottle, dude.

Anonymous said...

I remember the incident 8:55 is talking about.

And yes Stupor did put on quite a stupid show.he blamed that woman's death on herself,instead of a faulty exit door,which BTW was proven to be faulty, indeed.

But that's not what good ol' Stupor was humiliating her about.he was giving her and her friends hell for having a good time and maybe dancing or rough housing a bit,which in turn made this poor gal (who was killed) bump into the fire exit door and tumble out..because we all know that's how easy it is to open a fire exit door,on A FUCKING BUS,right..

Ya,he went on on on on & on about personal responsibility, accountability..yadda yadda yadda. All before this woman's funeral.he was just pissed as could be that the parents were looking into filing a lawsuit against the party bus people. HOW DARE THEY!! You see in his mind all lawsuits are frivolous, by god, plus as we all know from riding school buses, all you have to do is bump into one and HOLY SHIT- the damn thing Flys wide open!!

Ol' Stupor made himself sound just like the idiotic boobs that he is,and as anyone with a brain knew,the door was found to be faulty, resulting in a win in the lawsuit.

Now,that hasn't stopped Larson from babbling incoherently, from time to time BUT it sure did open some eyes regarding their good pal stupid dave the babbling idiot from the land of awwwzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

@8:55 Where's the beaf?

Anonymous said...

11:58 just took 2 minutes out of our lives that we'll never get back, reading his rambling manifesto.

Anonymous said...

What else are party buses for?

Anonymous said...

You can hook the exhaust into the ventilation and gas negroes. Just offer them a free ride! Then all you have to do is dump the bodies or set the bus on fire.

No loss.