Kansas City Dead Tree Media Job Description

Here's a glimpse at newspaper re-branding and opinion makers offering insight into their role . . . Which is mostly transcribing and rewriting talking points from the DNC. Checkit:

The Star's editorial board members discussed their role from the Plaza library

Colleen McCain Nelson, Dave Helling, Derek Donovan, Mary Sanchez, Steve Kraske, Lee Judge and Melinda Henneberger discuss the role of an editorial board.


  1. These gas bags are so biased, steeped, cooked and baked in Liberal Leftist ideology, that they have no idea that people with above room temp IQ see them as Progressive Pastries, left out on the table in a crumbling east side house, for 5 decades next to the plastic fruit politicians they help elect.

    Kraske lamenting the lack of civility in politics as the forces on the left physically assault the forces on the right, shout down free speech, while trying to maintain the usual assumption of the HIgh Ground for the left.

    Here is prima facie. The tip of the spear, for Progressives, is the organization that rioted in the streets, screaming "WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS. WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!!!!!!!" This organization, along with atifa - Media-Matters Soros Organizations, are revered and lionized by just these folks, right here, in the hinterlands in the Kansas City Star.

    Then, incredulously, Henneberger professes an unbiased take on the news, local and nationally.

    What a fuckin joke.

  2. they take themselves very seriously but not very many other people do.

  3. If they were* acting in good faith, they'd have coverage of the lives of good people ravaged by crime in the violent zones. That is truth uncovered and ignored by them.

    *hypothetical, unreal condition

  4. Their role is to promote every tax grab the city and county leaders can come up with. After all, the Star must pay back for their tax breaks.

  5. Almost all newspaper editorial boards are biased liberals and most readers understand. But there is nothing liberal or conservative about promoting a great city's deterioration so that a few business and political insiders can profit.

  6. Their role is to ensure that The Star remains on the good side of City government, in order to continue the flow of City dollars into their organization. When they went begging for even more tax breaks, hat in hand, to the very people they should be holding accountable, any hope of objective coverage disappeared.

  7. I thought I saw those clowns in the Unemployment Pre-Qualification line the other day. Tony let them cut in.

  8. The Star's editorial board members discussed their role from the Plaza library:

    Colleen McCain Nelson--"I was brought onboard to fool readers into thinking that the Star was serious about presenting a balanced opinion."

    Dave Helling--"Did I ever tell you about the time I went on the Rachel Maddow show? She stuck her hand up my butt and moved my lips for me!"

    Derek Donovan--"Nobody knows me, but my role has been to pretend that I'm the reader's advocate."

    Mary Sanchez--"When I was in high school, I won a writing contest, but no one ever told me that it was fixed as a favor for my father. The only reason I became a syndicated writer was because I agreed to use my ethnicity and gender for DNC propaganda purposes."

    Steve Kraske--"By the time I finally woke up to reality, it was too late for a career change! I sold out for job security, and now pander over-the-top for KC politicos. King James! King James!"

    Lee Judge--"I've made a career at the Star by regurgitating one theme ad nauseum, Brownback and Republicans are EVIL! Life is good."

    Melinda Henneberger--"When the Star was looking for new editorial board members, I told them I was a liberal Democrat, a woman, hated Trump, and knew Catholic issues....I was a shoo-in."

  9. Has Beens .

  10. NIce of the Star to make a new downsizing list.


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