An important note that tops the local Catholic news site and corresponds with recent efforts to address a legacy of local abuse in the aftermath of Church scandal . . .

Catholic Key: Notice of credible allegation of abuse

In an effort to care for others in need

"The diocese has received an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by Vincentian Father Phillip J. Coury. This allegation was deemed credible by the Ombudsman, following diocesan policy for response to allegations. The allegation stems from the time Fr. Coury served on staff at St. John Minor Seminary. The seminary closed in 1983. Fr. Coury was on staff there from 1975 to 1978. When the diocese learned of the allegation, Fr. Coury had already been restricted from public ministry by his Vincentian superiors. Fr. Coury does not live in this diocese and he has had no other assignments here outside of his time at St. John. Authorities were contacted in this case."

"The diocese will attempt to contact students who attended St. John during the relevant years in the desire of reaching out to any other person who may have been harmed by Fr. Coury. If you were harmed by Fr. Coury or any other person who has worked or volunteered in the diocese, no matter how long ago, diocesan Victim Services is eager to provide care and healing resources. Please contact Ombudsman Jenifer Valenti at 816-812-2500 or JeniferValenti@att.net."