Kansas City Bullet Train To STL Coming Soon

Given that we're going that direction anyhoo . . .

New transportation system: KC to St. Louis in 23 minutes - Kansas City Business Journal

Twenty-three minutes may sounds like a typical commute in the Kansas City metro. Now picture traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis in 23 minutes. It could happen in the near future. The 240-mile route is one of 35 semifinalists in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, which asked applicants from around the world to make their case for getting a Hyperloop route in their city or region.


  1. That's fucking goofy

  2. If anything goes wrong, you're jelly.

  3. that would be awesome!

    tried the missouri mule a couple of times and since it took much longer than driving, went back to the I-70 truck thoroughfare.

    widening I-70 is what needs to happen ASAP.

  4. Get me to Denver in 23 minutes fuck staying in Missourah!

  5. I rode the Shaghai Maglev magnetic train a couple years ago --

    270 mph -- quiet smooth ride ..awesome trip

    Hope KC can actually score something like this!

  6. IF KCMO City Hall has anything to do with building it,,,

    it could possibly end up in Arkansas, as 1/2 of them can't read a Map anyway !!!

  7. So bounce troll. If you don't like this town, hit the bricks. Could it be your really just another broke-ass craker? Posting at 3:10AM tells me your a meth-head or working the drive-through at Taco Bell. Either one, your nothing this town would miss.

  8. Yeah, right. Anybody notice that Trump just wiped out more than 200 passenger train routes? Y'all be drivin on that busted up Muhzoorah highway system if you be goin anywhere. Forever. Have a nice pothole. Or twenty.

  9. Who in the FUCK wants to go to St. Louis anyway.

  10. 23 minutes might be optimistic...More like 1 he and 20? Have ridden the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Oyama. Nice ride. Don't try to watch the scenery though.


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