Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kansas City Buck O'Neil Bridge Alternative???

Here's a nice Kansas City that's never gonna happen but offers insight into the current talks that are eventually going to eat into all of that GO Bond money. Take a look:

More US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge Updating

I trimmed out last week's Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting so you can watch the discussion led by Scott Wagner on where we stand on the Buck O'Neil discussion. If you missed the first discussion, go back and see it here. This discussion has some testimony from KCFD about the...


Anonymous said...

The current alignment of the Broadway Bridge is extremely dangerous. That sharp turn on the north end, coupled with an airport exit on the left-hand side makes for a hair-raising trip during rush hour. And it doesn't get any better after the turn. Anyone who drives north knows what I'm talking about. Traffic is funneled into two VERY tight lanes with no wiggle room. When accidents/breakdowns occur, everyone is screwed. There's no place to go. Furthermore, the twisty road gets even worse as you approach the 169/I-29 merge. A new alignment of the whole mess is needed, not just the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Uh, sorry. That first line should read "sharp turn on the SOUTH end".